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Generic Language Server
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Phpactor Language Server

Build Status

This package provides a language server platform:

  • Language server platform upon which you can implement language server features.
  • Can run as either a TCP server (accepting many connections) or a STDIO server (invoked by the client).
  • Can handle multiple sessions.
  • Can manage text document synchronization.

See the Language Server Specification for a list of methods which you can implement with this package.


Create a dumb language server which can respond to the initialize command and nothing more:

$server = LanguageServerBuilder::create()


Add TextDocument Handling

We provide a handler for text document synchronization:

$server = LanguageServerBuilder::create()
    ->addSystemHandler(new TextDocumentHandler(new Workspace()));


The text document handler will keep track of the files the client is managing. The workspace will contain these files, and can be used by other handlers.

Creating Custom Handlers

Handlers simply declare a map of Language Server RPC metods to instance methods:

class MyCompletionHandler implements Handler
    public function methods(): array
        return [
            'textDocument/completion' => 'completion',

    public function completion(): Generator
         $list = new CompletionList();
         $list->items[] = new CompletionItem('hello');
         $list->items[] = new CompletionItem('goodbye');

         yield $list;

Create Per-Session Handlers

Above we created a global text document handler, which isn't great as it means multiple clients share the same workspace.

You can use HandlerLoader implementations to lazily create handlers each time a client connects to the server. It is passed the initialization parmeters supplied by the client (which includes the root path of the clients project):

class MyHandlerLoader
    public function load(InitializeParams $params): Handlers
        $workspace = new Workspace();

        return new Handlers([
            new MyHandler($workspace)
            new MyOtherHandler($workspace)
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