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The PHP Interpreter

This is the github mirror of the official PHP repository located at

Build Status Build status

Pull Requests

PHP accepts pull requests via github. Discussions are done on github, but depending on the topic can also be relayed to the official PHP developer mailing list

New features require an RFC and must be accepted by the developers. See and for more information on the process.

Bug fixes do not require an RFC, but require a bugtracker ticket. Always open a ticket at and reference the bug id using #NNNNNN.

Fix #55371: get_magic_quotes_gpc() throws deprecation warning

After removing magic quotes, the get_magic_quotes_gpc function caused
a deprecate warning. get_magic_quotes_gpc can be used to detected
the magic_quotes behavior and therefore should not raise a warning at any
time. The patch removes this warning

We do not merge pull requests directly on github. All PRs will be pulled and pushed through

Guidelines for contributors


To run tests the make test is used after successful compilation of the sources.

See Creating new test files chapter for more information about testing.


A fork of the PHP interpreter at php/php-src, for use with PHP TestFest.




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