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Configuring HLA (CoHLA) is a domain specific language to rapidly construct HLA-based co-simulations from a set of models. CoHLA was introduced on the Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS) 2018 in Saint Petersburg [1]. CoHLA was created using Xtext and Xtend for Eclipse.

Disclaimer The sources included in this project are provided as-is. These sources are currently still lacking proper comments and documentation. This may be added in the future. Also, this README is known to be incomplete.


The structure of this repository is as follows.

  • docs contains the documentation regarding both the installation of CoHLA and all of its dependencies as well as a manual on how to use CoHLA and generate code from it.
  • libs contains the C++ libraries that have been developed for use with OpenRTI. CoHLA generates code for use with these libraries.
  • plugin contains the compressed plugin file that could be installed in Eclipse.
  • RoomThermostat contains the RoomThermostat example project, including a 20-sim model of the room exported as FMU and thermostat model in POOSL.
  • sources contains the sources of the DSL itself.


The CoHLA DSL project can be imported by creating a new Xtext project having the name with extension "cohla".

The CoHLA extension for Eclipse can be installed by adding the repository as software source to Eclipse. The repository location is After having added this repository, the latest version of CoHLA can be installed from it. Alternatively, the plugin can be installed from the compressed file located in the plugin folder.

To actually run the project, the OpenRTI-libraries located in the libs folder should be installed.

The CoHLA framework was mostly tested on Ubuntu 18.04.

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