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#Ruby TextMate Bundle



  • Added rvm / bundler support for ⌘+R, ⇧⌘+R
    • If you have an rvm wrapper for textmate in env TM_RUBY, it will try to bundle exec using the same ruby and gemset as your wrapper.
    • You may explicitly set the path to a bundle executable in TM_BUNDLE to force it to always use that executable to bundle exec.
  • Updated to allow running of shoulda tests
  • Fixed links of broken tests so they properly link to each line of failing test's backtrace
  • Cleaned up output of running tests
  • Updated toggle quotes command to use ! as the delimiter instead of {} since {} is used by ruby interpolation
  • Lots of new snippets and commands:
    • ⌃⇧+/ Toggle try or not (ie cow.moo <-> cow.try(:moo))
    • ⌃+H Replaces escaped characters in plain text files (sometimes ruby outputs \n " etc)
    • ⌃⇧⌥+: Converts hash in selected text to aligned multiline format
    • Clean up and addition of lots of new snippets


  1. $ cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles/
  2. $ git clone git:// Ruby.tmbundle
  3. $ osascript -e 'tell app "TextMate" to reload bundles'

If you'd like to install all my bundles, check out this script written by mkdynamic. It installs all bundles and backups any existing bundles with conflicting names. Thanks Mark!

###Using Spork with focus tests:

  • gem install spork --pre (requires spork-0.9.rc9)
  • open TextMate preferences and set environment variable SPORK_TESTUNIT=true
  • initialize your app for spork (see spork README)
  • open a terminal window, cd to the root of your rails app and run spork command.
  • focus tests will be run through spork.

##My Other Textmate Bundles My bundles work best when use in conjunction with my other bundles:

##Credits Logo

Additions by Philippe Huibonhoa and funded by

Original bundle can be found here