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Create marks, persistent per working directory
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screenshot of vim-marker

vim-marker provides a custom mark stack that is stored per working directory.


  • toggle marks
  • cycle through marks across buffers
  • persistent
  • populate all marks in a quickfix window



vim-marker stores the sets of markers under the path configured in g:MarkerPersistenceDir per cwd.

Default: $XDG_DATA_HOME/vim-marker

Override it with a path of your choice:

let g:MarkerPersistenceDir = '/path/to/a/directory'


vim-marker comes with following default mappings:

" Mapping to add or remove a marker at the current cursor position.
" Also works in the quickfix window.
let g:MarkerToggleMarkMapping = '<m-m>'

" Mapping for jumping to next mark.
let g:MarkerNextMarkMapping = '<m-j>'

" Mapping for jumping to previous mark.
let g:MarkerPrevMarkMapping = '<m-k>'

" Toggle quickfix window with current marks.
let g:MarkerQuickfixToggleMapping = '<m-;>'

Override these in your .vimrc to your likings.

You can also disable the default mappings completely via:

let g:MarkerEnableMappings = 0

Reset all markers by running:

:call marker#ResetMarkers()
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