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Eto.Forms comes with a standard set of controls. Controls can be subclassed to override or implement behaviour. Each control has an implementation for each supported platform, which can be customized or replaced entirely if a particular implementation is not suitable for your use.

Custom controls can either be composed entirely of Eto.Forms controls, which would work across all platforms. If you wish to create a more complex control, or use functionality of a platform that isn't exposed in Eto.Forms, then you can create your own custom controls with implementations for each platform (see Custom Platform Controls).

The standard controls are:

  • Button - Standard button with text
  • Calendar - Calendar control to pick a date or range of dates
  • CheckBox - Check box with a label
  • ColorPicker - Pick a single color value
  • ComboBox - Text entry with a drop down list of items
  • DateTimePicker - Control to enter a date and/or time
  • Drawable - Owner-drawn control using Graphics object
  • DropDown - Drop down with a list of items
  • EnumDropDown - A simple way to create a drop down with values from an Enumeration
  • EnumRadioButtonList - Manages a list of radio buttons from an Enumeration
  • GridView - A virtualized grid of data with editable cells
  • GroupBox - A panel with a border and optional title
  • ImageView - A view to display a single image
  • Label - Displays text
  • LinkButton - A simple label that acts like a button, similar to a hyperlink
  • ListBox - A scrollable list of items
  • ListControl - Base for ListBox, DropDown, ComboBox, and other list-type controls
  • MaskedTextBox - TextBox for variable or fixed length masks
  • Navigation - (mobile) - A pane that can present multiple pages
  • NumericUpDown - Numeric control that allows the user to adjust the value with the mouse
  • Panel - A blank panel container to add other controls
  • PasswordBox - Enter passwords or sensitive data
  • ProgressBar - Show progress of long running tasks
  • RadioButton - Used in a group of radio buttons to allow user to select from values
  • RadioButtonList - Manages a list of radio buttons
  • RichTextArea - Multi-line text area with rich text formatting
  • Scrollable - A scrollable container
  • SearchBox - A text box with search-box functionality
  • Slider - A horizontal or vertical slider to select a value from a range
  • Spinner - A spinner to show indeterminate progress in compact space
  • Splitter - Splits two panes horizontally or vertically
  • TabControl - Presents multiple TabPage containers which the user can select
  • TabPage - A single page of a TabControl
  • TextArea - Multi-line text control with scrollbars
  • TextBox - Single line text input
  • TextControl - Base for any control that contains text
  • TreeView - A control to present nodes in a tree
  • TreeGridView - A TreeView with columns
  • WebView - Control to present a web page through a url or static HTML


  • Form - A modeless window
  • Dialog - A modal dialog with no result value
  • Dialog<T> - A modal dialog with a custom result value


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