A declarative React interface to Google Maps
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React Google Maps Build Status

A declarative React interface to Google Maps.

Check it out:

Important Notes

This is an alpha release. The API and organizational structure are subject to change. Comments and contributions are much appreciated.


npm install react-googlemaps --save

This library is written with CommonJS modules. If you are using browserify, webpack, or similar, you can consume it like anything else installed from npm.


var React = require('react');
var ReactGoogleMaps = require('react-googlemaps');
var GoogleMapsAPI = window.google.maps;

var Map = ReactGoogleMaps.Map;
var Marker = ReactGoogleMaps.Marker;
var OverlayView = ReactGoogleMaps.OverlayView;

function handleClick(e) {
  console.log('Clicked at position', e.latLng);

    initialCenter={new GoogleMapsAPI.LatLng(-41.2864, 174.7762)}>

      position={new GoogleMapsAPI.LatLng(-41.2864, 174.7762)} />

      style={{backgroundColor: '#fff'}}
      position={new GoogleMapsAPI.LatLng(-41.2864, 174.7762)}>
      <p>Some content</p>

Checkout the API docs or the examples directory for more detailed usage.


Licensed under MIT. Full license here »