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Pod cast interview tool. Loosely based on the calling from unrupt - but not the magic.


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PodCall - an app to remotely record interviews

It’s web-based and free. Which means there’s nothing to install, no fees and no complicated cabling! All you need is a smartphone and the internet.

It’s simple to use, just send a link to your guest and they open it on their smartphone! With it being so easy to use, you can concentrate on having a great conversation and getting a great interview!


  • Can use both on laptop and phone (both IOS & Android)
  • Browser-based, so nothing to install or sign up to
  • Audio quality is better than Skype, Zoom, PSTN...
  • Recording is premixed into stereo for easy editing
  • Free and open source
  • All recording is done on the host's device


  • Host (you) needs to use Chrome (on a laptop or Android)
  • The guest can use Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android

How to use PodCall as a Host

1. Just before the interview, go to This creates a unique link.

2. Share the link in the browser address bar or the QR code with your guest (for example screenshot the QR code and email it to your guest)

3. Click 'Done' - allow the browser to use your Microphone (if prompted) and wait for the guest to join.
4. The guest opens the link, accepts the call and enables their microphone use.

(you must click 'Done' before the guest 'Accepts')

5. Talk and have a great interview

6. At the end of the interview click the square button, then WAIT a few seconds until you see that the audio has been successfully saved.

7. Your browser will save the audio as a ‘.webm’ file - Your audio editing software (e.g. Audacity) can convert it to WAV if needed.

IMPORTANT DON'T CLOSE THE BROWSER TAB DURING THE CALL - the recording isn't saved until you end the call ad you click the square button, so you'll lose audio if you just close the browser.

Here’s what we send to our PodCall Guests, feel free to use this as a template!


Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed for ______________. Our chat is scheduled for_______. We’ll be using PodCall to record the interview.

To help us to get the very best audio quality you’ll need:

  • A quiet room
  • A smartphone with safari or chrome browser
  • Decent internet connection
  • You can use earbuds/headset/airpods if you like

Joining Instructions

  1. Just before the interview I'll (text/email/watapp/) you a link. When you get it please open it on your Smartphone.
  2. Click 'Accept' to take the call and agree to the dropdown to asking for access to your microphone
  3. Place the phone somewhere comfortable, ideally near your mouth!
  4. Adjust the speaker volume and just talk. (The mic symbol mutes/unmutes your microphone, the square ends the call)

Any problems just (text/email/whatsapp/) me.


PodCall Issues:

1) host side only works in chrome on android/laptop

2) real phone calls can interrupt the recording - ask a guest to reject any calls _quickly_

3) facebook and gmail apps have built in browsers that don't support the features we need.
Ask the guest to select 'open in chrome(/safari)' if you send links over gmail or FB messenger.

**Please note ** PodCall is BETA quality software so it might break or lose your recordings etc… Please let us know of any problems so that we can iron them out!

Either create a github issue (if you are a github user) Or Email me: tim at pi dot pe Please include a screenshot and a description of what happened.



Pod cast interview tool. Loosely based on the calling from unrupt - but not the magic.







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