phpBB SAML Authentication plugin based on OneLogin PHP SAML Toolkit.
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phpBB SAML Authentication plugin based on OneLogin PHP SAML Toolkit.

This plugin enables your board users to log in through SAML.


  • Single sign on
  • Single log out
  • Just on time provisioning
  • Supports groups


Take a look on the php saml toolkit dependences:

Also you will need to make a minor modification on the phpbb database:

ALTER TABLE phpbb_config MODIFY config_value varchar(1200);


Copy the 'includes' and the 'language' folder at the base folder of phpbb.


In the admin interface, at the 'General' tab, in the 'Client communication' section access to 'Authentication'.

First, you need to change the authentication method to 'Onelogin_saml' in order to enable the SAML authentication.

Then go to the 'Onelogin SAML Settings' and configure your SP (the parameters are documented).

Local Login

When SAML enabled, you can always continue login through the 'alternative auth method' normally 'db' or 'ldap' by adding to the login url the parameter &normal

For example, access: instead of

In Case of Emergency

If you happened to be locked out of your board, don't panic.

Change the authentication method in the DB table phpbb3_config back to db.

UPDATE phpbb_config SET config_value = 'db' WHERE config_name = 'auth_method';

Clear phpbb sessions and caches and you should get access to your board again.

cd cache
rm *