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Open Monograph Press

Open Monograph Press (OMP) has been developed by the Public Knowledge Project. For general information about OMP and other open research systems, visit the PKP web site.

Build Status


You will find detailed guides in docs folder.

Using Git development source

Checkout submodules and copy default configuration :

git submodule update --init --recursive

Install or update dependencies via Composer (

composer --working-dir=lib/pkp install
composer --working-dir=plugins/paymethod/paypal install

Install or update dependencies via NPM:

# install [nodejs]( if you don't already have it
npm install
npm run build

If your PHP version supports built-in development server :

php -S localhost:8000

See Wiki for more complete development guide.

Bugs / Issues

See for information on reporting issues.

Running Tests

See Unit Tests, and also Github Documentation for PKP Contributors for Travis-based continuous integration testing.

Community Code of Conduct

This repository is one of PKP's community spaces and all activities here are guided by PKP's Code of Conduct. Please review the Code and help us create a welcoming environment for all participants.


This software is released under the the GNU General Public License.

See the file COPYING included with this distribution for the terms of this license.

Third parties are welcome to modify and redistribute OJS in entirety or parts according to the terms of this license. PKP also welcomes patches for improvements or bug fixes to the software.