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Awesome Series @ Planet Jekyll

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Awesome Jekyll Editors

A collection of awesome Jekyll editors

Contributions welcome. Anything missing? Send in a pull request. Thanks.

"Visual" Editors n Tools

Open Source

  • Netlify CMS ★9,246 (github: netlify/netlify-cms) -- a content management system (CMS) for static site generators

  • Prose ★4,225 (web:, github: prose/prose) -- a content editor for GitHub designed for managing (web)sites

  • Jekyll Admin ★2,058 (github: jekyll/jekyll-admin) by Ben Balter, Mert Kahyaoğlu et al -- a jekyll plugin offering a classic CMS-style "visual" editor in your browser to write posts and manage jekyll sites

  • Federalist ★210 (web:, github: 18F/federalist) by 18F (a US government agency) -- a content management system (CMS) for publishing static government websites; automates common tasks for integrating GitHub, Prose, and Amazon Web Services offering a simple way for developers to launch new websites or more easily manage existing ones

  • MrHyde ★75 (play store: org.faudroids.mrhyde, github: FauDroids/MrHyde) -- an Android app that can add and edit posts, drafts and files that can be previewed

  • Little Jekyll ★40 (github: L-A/Little-Jekyll) by Louis-André Labadie -- a desktop app to manage Jekyll websites, overview and control your Jekyll processes

  • Content Editor ★39 (github: mushishi78/content-editor) by Max White -- a web interface for editing documents on GitHub

Commerical / For Pay

  • CloudCannon (web: by Mike Neumegen et al - a static site content management system (CMS); pricing plans per user/month (basic $25/agency $75/enterprise $125)

  • Siteleaf (web: - a visual CMS with markdown and advanced metadata editor, suitable for use with clients and non-technical users; includes full content API (JSON) to access Jekyll data in mobile apps and elsewhere (free for developers, paid plans start at $7/month with unlimited users)

  • (web: - a content management system (CMS) for Jekyll; pricing plans (11+ users $99/month; enterprise ask for quote)

  • Stastic (web: - a content management system (CMS) for Jekyll, currently in beta; pricing is free for early adopters

"Classic" Editors Addons


  • markdown-writer -- an Atom package for Jekyll. It can create new posts/drafts, manage tags/categories, insert link/images and add many useful key mappings.
  • jekyll-atom -- an Atom package for Jekyll. It can create neww/posts/drafts in any folder. Publish Drafts. Run a test server with on save rebuilding for working localy. Commands to open the current files layout, current tags data file and current tags include.


  • sublime-jekyll -- a Sublime Text package for Jekyll static sites. This package should help creating Jekyll sites and posts easier by providing access to key template tags and filters, as well as common completions and a current date/datetime command (for dating posts). You can install this package manually via GitHub, or via Package Control.


  • vim-jekyll -- a vim plugin to generate new posts and run jekyll build all without leaving vim.

Visual Studio Code

Markdown Editors

See Awesome Markdown Editors -- a collection of awesome markdown editors and (pre)viewers for Linux, Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows, the World Wide Web and more.



The awesome list is dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

Post them to the jekyll talk forum. Thanks!


A collection of awesome Jekyll editors






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