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Awesome Series @ Planet Jekyll

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Awesome (Gem-Packaged) Jekyll Plugins


A collection of awesome Jekyll plugins adding converters, generators, filters & tags, importers, new commands & switches, and more.

Contributions welcome. Anything missing? Send in a pull request. Thanks.

Note: See the Plugins & Extensions Page @ Planet Jekyll - listing all gem-packaged plugins listed here; add your plugin here to get added - thanks!


See the Official Plugins Page @ Jekyll Docs ».

Settings & Configurations Tweaks

Multi Language / Multi Lingual


  • Algolia ★185 (gem: jekyll-algolia) -- Add fast and relevant search to your Jekyll site using the Algolia API.
  • Searchyll ★43 (gem: searchyll) - Index your Jekyll pages to Elasticsearch, and works with Github pages.

Feeds & Syndication

  • Feed ★197 (gem: jekyll-feed) -- a plugin to generate an Atom (RSS-like) feed of your posts #Official #GitHub Pages
  • Planet ★2 (gem: jekyll-planet) -- add articles, blogs to your site via web feeds (and planet pluto)

Bibliography & Citiations

Tags & Taggings, Categories & Categorizations


Figures & Captions

Images & Pictures

  • Octicons ★32 (gem: jekyll-octicons) -- liquid plugin that makes including svg Octicons simple. Archived
  • Jekyll PIG ★8 (gem: jekyll-pig) - Uses ImageMagick and pig.js to create progressive image galleries for Jekyll sites.

Videos & Screencasts

  • YouTube ★79 (gem: jekyll-youtube) -- a Liquid tag that embeds YouTube videos. The default emded markup is responsive but you can also specify your own by using an include/partial.
  • Asciinema ★37 (gem: jekyll-asciinema) -- a tag for embedding asciicasts recorded with asciinema in your Jekyll pages.

Audios & Podcasts

  • Octopod ★114 (gem: jekyll-octopod) by Stefan Haslinger, Arne Eilermann, et al -- a podcast publishing extension. Archived

Geocoding & Maps

  • Geocode ★11 (gem: jekyll-geocode) by Bertrand Keller -- geo-encode addresses from a datafile for drawing maps
  • Maps ★123 (gem: jekyll-maps) by Anatoliy Yastreb -- embed maps with filterable locations

Markup & Markdown Converters

  • Pug, gem: jekyll-pug -- convert Pug files into HTML
  • Slim ★36, gem: jekyll-slim -- Slim converter and includes for Jekyll with support for Liquid tags. Archived
  • AsciiDoc ★276, gem: jekyll-asciidoc -- AsciiDoc convertor for Jekyll using Asciidoctor.
  • Commonmark ★29, gem: jekyll-commonmark -- Markdown converter that uses libcmark, the reference parser for CommonMark.
  • Textile ★15 (gem: jekyll-textile-converter) -- convert .textile files into HTML; also includes the textilize Liquid filter #Official
  • Jektex ★10, gem: jektex -- Jekyll plugin for blazing fast server side cached LaTeX rendering with support of macros. Enjoy comfort of latex and markdown without cluttering your site with bloated javascript.

Text Filters

  • Mentions ★185 (gem: jekyll-mentions) -- @mentionable support for your site #Official #GitHub Pages
  • Jemoji ★503 (gem: jemoji) -- GitHub-flavored emoji plugin #Official #GitHub Pages
  • Time Ago ★138 (gem: jekyll-timeago) -- Converts a time value to the time ago in words.
  • Pluralize ★28 (gem: liquid_pluralize) by Benjamin Esham -- Easily combine a number and a word into a grammatically-correct amount like “1 minute” or “2 minutes”.
  • Reading Time ★109 (gem: liquid_reading_time) by Benjamin Esham -- Count words and estimate reading time for a piece of text, ignoring HTML elements that are unlikely to contain running text.
  • TOC (Table of Contents) ★260 (gem: jekyll-toc)-- A liquid filter plugin for Jekyll which generates a table of contents.
  • Smartify ★9 (gem: jekyll-smartify) by Pat Hawks -- SmartyPants filter. Make "quotes" “curly”. Archived
  • MD5 ★13 (gem: liquid-md5) by Pat Hawks -- Returns an MD5 hash. Helpful for generating Gravatars in templates
  • Roman ★6 (gem: jekyll-roman) by Paul Robert Lloyd -- A liquid filter for Jekyll that converts numbers into Roman numerals
  • Typogrify ★26 (gem: jekyll-typogrify) by Myles Braithwaite -- A Jekyll plugin that brings the functions of typogruby.
  • Email Protect ★75 (gem: jekyll-email-protect) by Vincent Wochnik -- Email protection liquid filter for Jekyll
  • Jekyll Liquify ★25 (gem: jekyll-liquify) a filter that parses Liquid from front matter


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Redirects


  • Analytics ★191 (gem: jekyll-analytics) by Hendrik Schneider -- adds webtracking easily to your site; supports multiple trackers like Google Analytics, Piwik, etc.


Commands & Switches



Assets & Converters & Minifiers

Authentication & Authorization

  • GitHub OAuth ★821 (gem: jekyll-auth) by Ben Balter et al -- use GitHub OAuth to serve a protected site to your GitHub org

Admin & Visual Editors

  • Admin ★2.6k (gem: jekyll-admin) by Ben Balter, Mert Kahyaoğlu et al -- adds a traditional content management system-style graphical interface to author content and administer sites #Official

  • Manager ★51 (gem: jekyll-manager) by Ashwin Maroli -- An administrative framework for Jekyll sites, Jekyll Manager is essentially Jekyll Admin repackaged with some alterations.

Watch & Live Reload

  • Watch ★88 (gem: jekyll-watch) -- rebuild your site when a file changes with the --watch switch #Official
  • Hawkins ★57 (gem: hawkins) -- adds a liveserve sub-command to Jekyll that incorporates LiveReload into your pages while you preview them. No more hitting the refresh button in your browser! Archived

Testing & Proofing

Upload & Deploy



Note: For all jekyll plugin scripts & pasties, see the scripts & pasties page.



The awesome list is dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

Post them to the jekyll talk forum. Thanks!


A collection of awesome Jekyll plugins (gems, scripts, pasties, etc.)