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A Git-based CMS for Static Site Generators
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Netlify CMS · GitHub license Netlify Status npm version Build Status FOSSA Status PRs Welcome

A CMS for static site generators. Give users a simple way to edit and add content to any site built with a static site generator.

Community Chat

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How It Works

Netlify CMS is a single-page app that you pull into the /admin part of your site.

It presents a clean UI for editing content stored in a Git repository.

You setup a YAML config to describe the content model of your site, and typically tweak the main layout of the CMS a bit to fit your own site.

When a user navigates to /admin/ they'll be prompted to log in, and once authenticated they'll be able to create new content or edit existing content.

Read more about Netlify CMS Core Concepts.

Installation and Configuration

The Netlify CMS can be used in two different ways.

  • A Quick and easy install, that requires you to create a single HTML file and a configuration file. All the CMS JavaScript and CSS are loaded from a CDN. To learn more about this installation method, refer to the Quick Start Guide
  • A complete, more complex install, that gives you more flexibility but requires that you use a static site builder with a build system that supports npm packages.


New contributors are always welcome! Check out to get involved.

Change Log

This project adheres to Semantic Versioning. Every release is documented on the Github Releases page.


Netlify CMS is released under the MIT License. Please make sure you understand its implications and guarantees.



These services support Netlify CMS development by providing free infrastructure.

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