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A Jekyll plugin that provides users with a traditional CMS-style graphical interface to author content and administer Jekyll sites. The project is divided into two parts. A Ruby-based HTTP API that handles Jekyll and filesystem operations, and a JavaScript-based front end, built on that API.

screenshot of Jekyll Admin


Refer to the installing plugins section of Jekyll's documentation and install the jekyll-admin plugin as you would any other plugin. Here's the short version:

  1. Add the following to your site's Gemfile:

    gem 'jekyll-admin', group: :jekyll_plugins
  2. Run bundle install


  1. Start Jekyll as you would normally (bundle exec jekyll serve)
  2. Navigate to http://localhost:4000/admin to access the administrative interface


Jekyll Admin related options can be specified in _config.yml under a key called jekyll_admin. Currently it has only one option hidden_links which is for hiding unwanted links on the sidebar. The following keys under hidden_links can be used in order to hide default links;

    - posts
    - pages
    - staticfiles
    - datafiles
    - configuration

Customizing collection label in Sidebar

The plugin allows you to customize the name of a collection that is displayed in the sidebar by defining it in the collection's metadata in the config file. For example, if your source's posts are actually news-items on the deployed site, then it can be distracting to see the label Posts in the admin's sidebar. This situation can be resolved with the following configuration:

    output: true
    sidebar_label: News


Interested in contributing to Jekyll Admin? We’d love your help. Jekyll Admin is an open source project, built one contribution at a time by users like you. See the contributing instructions, and the development docs for more information.


Code Contributors

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].

Financial Contributors

Become a financial contributor and help us sustain our community. [Contribute]



Support this project with your organization. Your logo will show up here with a link to your website. [Contribute]


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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