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Planet SDK for Python

Build Status

The Planet Software Development Kit (SDK) for Python provides both a Python API and a command-line interface (CLI) to make use of the Planet APIs. Everything you need to get started is found in our online documentation.

Version 2.0 includes support for the core workflows of the following APIs:

  • Data - Search for imagery from Planet's data catalog.
  • Orders - Process and download or deliver imagery.
  • Subscriptions - Set up a search to auto-process and deliver imagery.

After the initial 2.0 release there will be additional work to support the remaining Planet APIs: basemaps, tasking) and analytics.

Versions and Stability

The default branch (main) of this repo is for the Planet SDK for Python, a complete rewrite and upgrade from the original Planet Python Client. If you are looking for the source code to that library see the v1 branch.

The Planet SDK for Python is in 'pre-release' stages, working towards a solid beta release in December. Upcoming milestones are tracked in the Planet SDK for Python Milestones.

Installation and Quick Start

The main installation path and first steps are found in the Quick Start Guide of the documentation.

Installing from source

This option enables you to get all the latest changes, but things might also be a bit less stable. To install you must clone the planet-client-python repository to your local computer. After you have the repo local just navigate to the root directory, where this readme lives.

Then you can install locally with pip:

$ pip install . 


Documentation is currently hosted online It should be considered 'in progress', with many updates to come. It can also be built and hosted locally (see or can be read from source in the docs directory.


Planet's APIs require an account for use. To get started you need to Get a Planet Account.


To contribute or develop with this library, see