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PlanetScale CLI Build status

PlanetScale is more than a database and our CLI is more than a jumble of commands. The pscale command line tool brings branches, deploy requests, and other PlanetScale concepts to your fingertips.

PlanetScale CLI



pscale is available via a Homebrew Tap, and as downloadable binary from the releases page:

brew install planetscale/tap/pscale

Optional: pscale requires the MySQL Client for certain commands. You can install it by running:

brew install mysql-client

To upgrade to the latest version:

brew upgrade pscale


pscale is available as downloadable binaries from the releases page. Download the .deb or .rpm from the releases page and install with sudo dpkg -i and sudo rpm -i respectively.

Arch: pscale-cli-bin


pscale is available via scoop, and as a downloadable binary from the releases page:

scoop bucket add pscale
scoop install pscale mysql

To upgrade to the latest version:

scoop update pscale


Download the pre-compiled binaries from the releases page and copy to the desired location.

Alternatively, you can install bin which works on all macOS, Windows, and Linux platforms:

bin install

To upgrade to the latest version

bin upgrade pscale

Container images

We provide ready to use Docker container images. To pull the latest image:

docker pull planetscale/pscale:latest

To pull a specific version:

docker pull planetscale/pscale:v0.63.0

If you like to have a shell alias that runs the latest version of pscale from docker whenever you type pscale:

mkdir -p $HOME/.config/planetscale
alias pscale="docker run -e HOME=/tmp -v $HOME/.config/planetscale:/tmp/.config/planetscale --user $(id -u):$(id -g) --rm -it -p 3306:3306/tcp planetscale/pscale:latest"

If you need a more advanced example that works with service tokens and differentiates between commands that need a pseudo terminal or non-interactive mode, have a look at this shell function.

GitHub Actions Usage

Use the setup-pscale-action to install and use pscale in GitHub Actions.

- name: Setup pscale
  uses: planetscale/setup-pscale-action@v1
- name: Use pscale
  run: |
    pscale deploy-request list my-db --org my-org

Local Development

To run a command:

go run cmd/pscale/main.go <command>

Alternatively, you can build pscale:

go build cmd/pscale/main.go

And then use the pscale binary built in cmd/pscale/ for testing:

./cmd/pscale/pscale <command>


Please checkout our Documentation page: