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What is Platformatic going to be? We are building the platform for your next project. Platformatic’s aim is to remove all friction from the day-to-day of backend developers. We will be creating a series of Open Source tools to make software, in less time than ever, and with lower maintenance costs.



  1. platformatic platformatic Public

    Platformatic Open Source monorepo!

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  2. docs docs Public

    Documentation website for Platformatic

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  3. examples examples Public

    Examples to help you learn how to build with Platformatic open-source tools.

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  4. tutorial-movie-quotes-app tutorial-movie-quotes-app Public

    This is the application code for the Movie Quotes App Tutorial 🎬

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  5. db-workshop db-workshop Public

    The Platformatic DB Workshop

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  6. onestep onestep Public

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