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PlatformLayer: Everything-as-a-service


PlatformLayer is open-source platform-as-a-service software. Instead of tying you in to one stack though, you can build your platform from whatever components you want (pick your own database, webserver, load balancer etc).

PlatformLayer builds machines on clouds running OpenStack.

Because there are so many choices of software you could make, PlatformLayer makes it super-easy to build a new service if one doesn't already exist. That's why we say PlatformLayer is everything-as-a-service.

Right now it's early days, so please do contribute if your favorite service isn't yet available. Have a look in the services directory at the services we're working on. To build a service, you create a java classes which define the 'model' which the service will expose; you create a 'controller' for each model which describes how to build the model; you also create a service class which ties it all together.

The intention is to have a lot of simple services which work together, rather than a complex design. Services build on each other to produce complex systems.

There's lots of code for lots of different services in the tree, much of which is still fairly experimental (it's early days).

These are good ones to try out first:

  • memcache: Runs memcache, which is the simplest service (Cache-aaS)
  • solr: Runs solr, allowing full-text indexing & search (Search-aaS)

Check the wiki for more information!


Please see the wiki

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