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Java Quick Start for Maintained by the team.
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Java Quick Start for Maintained by the team.

How to use:

  1. Select the category
  1. Choose a project on a category:
  2. Create a new free trial account.
  3. Sign up with a new user and password, or login using a current GitHub, Bitbucket, or Google account. If you use a third-party login, you’ll be able to set a password for your account later.
  4. Select the region of the world where your site should live.
  5. Select the blank template.

After this wizard, will provision the whole infrastructure to you, and will offer a Git remote repository. Before access, remember to set the SSH keys. The Git-driven infrastructure means it will automatically manage everything your application needs to push it to the master remote repository. You only need to write your code—including a few YAML files that specify your desired infrastructure—then commit it to Git and push.

  1. On the selected project execute these command:
git init
git remote add platform <>
git commit -m "Initial project"
git push -u platform master
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