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This is code I use to control my holographic setup to image through multimode fibers.

Photography of the holographic multimode fiber imaging system.

A significant part is a wrapper for the Aravis library to read out multiple GigE Vision cameras. The file dependencies are described in arv.asd. I chose to use Clozure Common Lisp for this library because it comes with a foreign function generator that can parse C header files. To simplify development I added syntax completion for foreign functions to slime.

Realtime control is done with an Arduino Due. To ease development (in particular I don't like the long waiting time when uploading new code to the Arduino) I ported femtolisp to this Arduino. This is sufficient to generate the two DAC channels for my XY-scanning mirror and a bunch of digital trigger signals for the cameras and a shutter. See arduino-femtolisp/. From Clozure Common Lisp I talk to the Arduino using the code in arduino-serial-ccl/.

My main experiment is controlled from test.lisp. I also use the binding for FFTW to do Fourier transforms.

Copyright (c) 2014 Martin Kielhorn Licensing: GPL v2


(Still very primitive) Port of FemtoLisp to Arduino Due. A presentation on Google Docs is on . I suggest you have a look at this alternative:






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