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@etpinard etpinard released this Jul 19, 2017 · 5624 commits to master since this release


  • Add touch interactions to cartesian, gl2d and ternary subplots including for
    select and lasso drag modes [#1804, #1890]
  • Add support for contour line labels in contour and contourcarpet traces [#1815]
  • Add support for select and lasso drag modes on scattermapbox traces [#1836]
  • Add double click interactions to mapbox subplots [#1883]
  • Add reset view and toggle hover mode bar buttons to mapbox subplots [#1883]
  • Add support for array marker.opacity settings in scattermapbox traces [#1836]
  • Add namelength layout and trace attribute to control the trace name's
    visible length in hover labels [#1822]
  • Add cliponaxis attribute to scatter and scatterternary traces to allow
    markers and text nodes to be displayed above their subplot's axes [#1861]
  • Add axis layer attribute with 'above traces' and 'below traces' values [#1871]
  • Add granular editable configuration options [#1895]
  • Expanded traces generated by transforms now have unique colors [#1830]


  • Fix axis line width, length, and positioning for coupled subplots [#1854]
  • Fix alignment of cartesian tick labels [#1854]
  • Fix rendering and updates of overlaying axis lines [#1855]
  • Fix hover for 2D traces with custom colorbar tickvals [#1891]
  • Fix hover and event data for heatmapgl and contourgl traces [#1884]
  • Fix event data for pie and sankey traces [#1896]
  • Fix drag mode 'pan'in IE and Edge [#1871]
  • Fix bar, error bar and box point scaling on scroll zoom [#1897]
  • Fix shading issue in surface trace in iOS [#1868]
  • Fix lasso and select drag modes for scatterternary traces [#1831]
  • Fix cases of intersecting contour lines on log axes [#1856]
  • Safer construction of popup click handler [#1888]
  • Fix animation of annotations, shapes and images [#1315]
  • Fix histogram bin computation when more than 5000 bins are needed [#1887]
  • Fix tick label rendering when more than 1000 labels are present [#1898]
  • Fix handling of empty transforms item [#1829]
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