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@etpinard etpinard released this Apr 1, 2019 · 623 commits to master since this release


  • New waterfall trace type [#3531, #3708]
  • New sunburst trace type [#3594]
  • Add attributes node.x and node.y to sankey traces [#3583]
  • Implement connectgaps on surface traces [#3638]
  • Implement hovertemplate for box and violin points [#3685]


  • Display hover labels above modebar, ensuring that the hover labels
    are always visible within the graph div [#3589, #3678]


  • Fix horizontal legend item wrapping by pushing overflowed items to newline [#3628]
  • Fix erroneous gap for histogram under relative barmode [#3652]
  • Fix position of overlapping grouped bars within trace [#3680]
  • Fix violin bandwidth logic for traces with identical values in sample [#3626]
  • Fix violin trace scalegroup description [#3687]
  • Fix stacked scatter for groupby traces [#3692]
  • Fix outside text on empty items in bar traces under textposition: 'outside' [#3701]
  • Fix pie un-hover event emission after updates [#3662, 3690]
  • Fix scatter line decimation algo for filled trace with far-away data points [#3696]
  • Fix heatmap and contour computation for traces with category coordinates containing 0 [#3691]
  • Fix zoom interactions on gl3d subplots using an orthographic projection [#3601]
  • Fix miscellaneous gl3d camera on-initialization bugs [#3585]
  • Fix surface contour line rendering in some Firefox versions [#3670]
  • Fix rendering of marker points and gl3d subplots on date axes (or with coordinates close to 64K floating limits)
    for WebGL-based traces on some iOS devices [#3666, #3672, #3674, #3676]
  • Fix center-aligned hover labels positioning [#3681]
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