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This plugin is no longer maintained. Please use the Fields plugin instead

(2015-11-18) There is a migration script to Fields plugin.
WARNING : this script is very experimental and deserved to be more tested. We strongly advise you to backup your data before using it

GLPI Custom fields plugin

Latest news


An plugin similar to Custom Fields is available. It is able to add fields on the main tab of an asset or any other object). As this is a frequent asked feature, please try it !

Due to this, Custom Fields is now End of life. To permit an easy migration from Custom Fields, I will work on a new release, with the main goal of migrate data and self deactivate (without uninstallation).

Any new installation of Custom Fields should be avoided in favor of Fields available here :


The Git repository has been fully erased and reimported from the SVN repository found at

The bugs and feature requests are duplicated here.

Contributions are still welcome, and should be easier thanks to git itself and github. If you do not want to use github, you're welcome to clone the repository anonymously and send patches (contact dethegeek via PM on the Forge or the forum)


This plugin enables the management of custom fields for GLPI objects and is based on the original code by Matt Hoover and Ryan Foster (originally sponsored by Oregon Dept. of Administrative Services, State Data Center) located in the GLPI forge.

This fork enables the use of this plugin in GLPI 0.84 onwards.

Installation of the stable release

Download the current release and unpack the archive to a directory "customfields" inside the GLPI plugin directory. Afterwards use the GLPI web UI to install and activate the plugin.

Migrations of old version of the plugin are possible by just overwriting the previous code with this version (better removing the files from the previous version first) and using the update function in the web UI. (Please backup your data prior to this!)

Installation of the testing / development release

Do the same as the stable release, with the master branch.


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