Minimal empty plugin you can use as a start point. See example plugin to get much more
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Empty GLPI plugin

An empty plugin, to get started!

This is basically a plugin skeleton with last minimal good practice to help you starting a new plugin (or even update/check an existing one!).

Getting started

For convenience, you can place the empty directory in you GLPI plugins directory.

You can use provided script in the main directory to get started. You'll have to pass name and version of your plugin in the call:

./ MyGreatPlugin 0.0.1

Please note than you really want to avoid special characters in name; as it will be used for paths, methods names, constants, and so on.

This will create a directory named mygreatplugin at the same level than the empty directory that contains the plugin; all methods will be named accordingly (see result in hook.php and setup.php). Note that My-Great-Plugin would also create a directory named mygreatplugin.

You can also provide a destination path (ie. if your empty directory is not in the GLPI's plugins directory):

./ MyGreatPlugin 0.0.1 /path/to/glpi/plugins/


  • {NAME} will be replaced by the name you've provide, verbatim,
  • {VERSION} will be replaced byt the version you've provided,
  • {LNAME} will be replaced byt the lowercased name,
  • {UNAME} will be replaced by the uppercased name,
  • {YEAR} will be replaced by the current year.