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A simple command line note taking script written in Python.
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A simple command line note taking script written in Python. This is meant to facilitate "brain dumps" rather than organizing, rearranging, etc. However, the resulting file is a plain text file so you can re-organize to your hearts content.

Simply writes strings entered on the command line to a file (as specified in notes.cfg).

  • New notes are appended at the end of the file
  • Notes are formatted as markdown style list items (or equivalently YAML sequence items) so it's easy to import them into your other plain text based workflow.
  • An ISO 8601 timestamp is appended to the end of each note (in square brackets).

This script was derived from a Python script found on the Rosetta Code website.


  • put on your PATH and make executable (chmod +x
  • Copy notes.cfg to $HOME/.notes.cfg
  • Edit .notes.cfg to set the notedir and notefile parameters to specify the directory and filename of your notes files


  • setup an alias in your .bash_profile, e.g. alias note=""


  • -- prints the contents of the notes file
  • "I wonder how fast an unladen swallow can fly?" -- adds note to note file
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