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A Darwin Frog is a small species of frog and as such the purpose of this project is to pick up the great work Greg did with Frog, simplifying and improving it as much as possible.

Darwin is a static web site generator written in Racket.

You write content in Markdown or Scribble. You generate files. To deploy, you push them to a GitHub Pages repo (or copy them to Amazon S3, or whatever).

Posts get a variety of automatic blog features.

You can also create non-post pages.

Pygments handles syntax highlighting for code blocks.

The generated site uses Bootstrap, which is responsive, automatically adapting to various screen sizes.

Full documentation.


  • Greg Hendershott

Greg developed racket frog over many years. However, recently Greg has stopped maintaining many of his Racket projects. I have decided to fork this project since there are a few handy features I wanted have.

I should still point out that this is 99.9% Gregs code. Many thanks for his expertise and years of devotion to this amazing library.