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Experimental package manager for node.js written in rust.


  • .npmrc support (for supported features
  • CLI commands (for supported features
  • Content addressable file store support
  • Shrink-file support in sync with pnpm-lock.yml
    • Frozen lockfile
    • Update outdated lockfile
    • Creating lockfile
  • Workspace support
  • Full sync with pnpm error codes
  • Generate a node_modules/.bin folder
  • Add CLI report


TRACE=pacquet_tarball just cli add fastify


# Install necessary dependencies
just install

# Start a mocked registry server (optional)
just registry-mock launch

# Run test
just test


Install between multiple revisions

First, you to start a local registry server, such as verdaccio:


Then, you can use the script named integrated-benchmark to run the various benchmark, For example:

# Comparing the branch you're working on against main
just integrated-benchmark --scenario=frozen-lockfile my-branch main
# Comparing current commit against the previous commit
just integrated-benchmark --scenario=frozen-lockfile HEAD HEAD~
# Comparing pacquet of current commit against pnpm
just integrated-benchmark --scenario=frozen-lockfile --with-pnpm HEAD
# Comparing pacquet of current commit, pacquet of main, and pnpm against each other
just integrated-benchmark --scenario=frozen-lockfile --with-pnpm HEAD main
# See more options
just integrated-benchmark --help