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Space to define metadata for objects (posts, messages, users...)
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Object Metadata

This repository documents channel types and raw types that can be attached user, post, channel, and message objects.

What's here

The raw and channel-types folders contain a single documentation file in Markdown format for each metadata standard that has been submitted to the repository.


  • Fork this repository
  • In your fork, create a new Markdown file in the appropriate directory with a name matching the "type" for your metadata. Note: while the API does not prevent multiple raw / channels types from declaring the same "type", any new entry you submit here should not conflict with an existing entry.
  • Commit your changes and submit a pull request for the new file. All structurally valid entries will be accepted, but we ask that you focus on submitting raw items that are useful candidates for other developers to utilize.


You may modify existing entries, but all pull requests will be approved by in consultation with the existing maintainers specified in the current entry. It is advised that you work with the maintainers before requesting a change here.


Use the issue tracker and the Developer channel to discuss new standards, modifications, and changes to the process.

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