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vs2012 express desktop build support #50

jmansion opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Found I could get a build (or at least as much as I wanted) using:

buildwin 110 build shared release Win32 nosamples msbuild

Note that:

  • adding 'notests' in there breaks it, seems to be a problem with the number of arg shifts
  • x64 build does not work - the link line is right but we still use the 32 bit compiler
  • change the include in DLLVersion.rc to "windows.h" from "afxres.h" (not present in this release; should be portable with windows.h though AFAIK)

The components setting isn't robust; if you disable XML then utils will not build.


This has been tossed around quite a bit; I laid out a plan some time ago:

Would be nice if someone would step up and do the work.


I ported fix from 1.4.6 to post-1.5.1 develop and verified build with devenv does not break:


Can you check msbuild?

@aleks-f aleks-f closed this
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