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Integration with Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress (
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Pods Gravity Forms Add-On

Pods Gravity Forms


How To Use

  1. In the Pods Admin, create your Pods and Pod Fields

    Pods Admin -> Add New

    Pod Edit Screen

  2. Create your Gravity Form that will be used to create your Pod item

    Gravity Form editor

  3. Create a Pods feed, to map your form fields to your Pods fields

    Form Settings->Pods menu

    Pods feed page

  4. In Pods Feed, map Gravity Form fields to Pods fields

    Map form fields to Pod fields

  5. After a form submission, a new Pod item ID will be created.

    Example Gravity Form filled out

    New Pod item created from form submission

  6. And the Pod item ID will be saved with the Gravity Forms entry information.

    Form entries page showing Pod ID

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