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Frost Web

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Frost Web is the front-end to's Frost API for managing accounts and API tokens.

Development Process

All new features should be merged into master behind a feature toggle with it turned off by default. Once the feature has been sufficiently tested the toggle can be removed.

Libraries, Frameworks, etc.

File Structure


These are ReactJS components and Sass styles. The components' architecture is inspired by Brad Frost's Atomic Design.

Most components have a single associated .scss file with the same name. There are also a few global styles living in components/styles. Styles are bundled and loaded by Webpack's style-loader, css-loader, autoprefixer, postcss-loader, and sass-loader.

Components are divided in atoms, molecules, organisms, pages and modals. Rule of thumb is: the smaller shouldn't use the larger. That means atoms should have no dependencies on other components, molecules can only depend on atoms and so on.

Pages are currently living outside /components for historic reasons, but they'll be moved into this folder in the future.

The root component is components/Root.tsx and ReactDOM.render is called in index.tsx.


React Redux reducers live here. They shouldn't have any logic at all, just receive messages and update the redux store.


Redux-Saga sagas live here. Most of the application's logic, specifically all of the side effects, should be in sagas and sagas only.


All images used by the application. They are exposed as static readonly elements of a class in images/Images.tsx, using the File Loader Webpack plugin to load and bundle them.


Extensions to JavaScript's native types go here.

Coding Standard

We mostly follow StandardJS and AirBnB's JS Style Guide. We're not automatically enforcing styles yet.

Some rules:

  • Write pure functional code, side-effect-less, as much as possible. That means var is forbidden, and let should be avoided whenever possible - always use const instead.
  • Write small functions with clear purposes
  • Avoid default exports
  • Name files following AirBnB's rules 23.6, 23.7, and 23.8, applying to the most important export rather than the default export
  • Use 2 spaces for indentation
  • Use single quotes for strings except to avoid escaping
  • Add a space after keywords




Frost Web is the front-end to's Frost API for managing accounts and API tokens.





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