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πŸ“±πŸ‘› xDai Mobile Wallet for iOS
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Poketto πŸ‘›


Poketto is the simplest xDai wallet for your day-to-day transactions.

Our goal with Poketto is to make it easy to send money to friends and pay for every day items. It's your pocket wallet inside your phone with secure and near instant transactions.

Download now on the App Store


  • Send xDai to an address or saved contacts
  • Request xDai via QR code or share
  • List, categorize and search for transactions
  • Set addresses to contacts
  • Near instant transactions (< 5 seconds)
  • Import and export your wallet


To get an overview of the current development status head over to our roadmap.



Clone the project and install the required dependencies via cocoapods with:

pod install

Open Poketto.xcworkspace and you're ready πŸŽ‰


In order to generate classes automatically for Core Data we use mogenerator. Install via:

brew install mogenerator

and uncomment the run script:

mogenerator -m Poketto/data/db.xcdatamodeld/db.xcdatamodel -O Poketto/data/Models/Generated --swift --template-var arc=true


Work in progress πŸ—


Donations enable us to continue boostrastrapping Poketto's development.

ERC20 Tokens or xDai

Address: 0x3849bA8A4D7193bF550a6e04632b176F9Ce1B7e8

Thank you for your support! β™₯


poketto-ios is under the GPLv3 and the MPLv2 license.

See LICENSE for more license info.

Made at Done Sunday 🌞 by @_andre_sousa, @alvesjtiago and @jackveiga.

Join us on Discord to help shape Poketto's future.

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