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How to install the latest XFLR5 version on Ubuntu Linux
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XFLR5 for Ubuntu

This repo provides the latest XFLR5 (currently v6.47) patched for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS using Qt 5.13


1 First of all, start by installing the required dependencies:

sudo apt install build-essential mesa-common-dev mesa-utils libgl1-mesa-dev libglu1-mesa-dev

2 Next, head over to and download the Linux installer. Run it and make sure to install Qt 5.13.0 for GCC 64-bit. If you don't change the default options, it will be installed in ~/Qt/5.13.0.

3 Download the files from this repo and extract them:

cd /path/to/repo
git clone

4 Move the main xflr5 folder to your preferred install location:

cd /path/to/repo
sudo mv xflr5/ /opt/

5 Follow the standard install procedure:

cd /opt/xflr5/
make # will take a while
sudo make install # create executable
sudo ldconfig # make the new shared libraries available

At this point, you should be all ready to go. You can check by running XFLR5 from the command line:


6 Finally, in order to run the software more easily, move the provided *.desktop file to your preferred location:

cd /path/to/repo
mv xflr5.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/

And now you should be able to launch XFLR5 from the Activities Overview.


Original code by techwinder on SourceForge. All credits to them for building such an awesome piece of software!

Distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v3.

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