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Academia Citation Advantage Analysis

The acadcites package contains the data and functions used in Niyazov, et. al. "Open Access Meets Discoverability: Citations to Articles Posted to"

Installing the R Package

The easiest way to install the package and its depdendencies is by using install_local from the devtools package. (

  • From R:


Importing data

The cleaned/combined dataset used for the analyses can be obtained by calling:

cites <- importData()

or just cites <- acadcites::importData() without the library import.

Importing data into PostgreSQL using CSVKit:

csvsql -p \\ -q \" --insert --db "postgresql://localhost" acadcites_data_combined.csv.gz

Reproducing tables from the article

Tables from the article can be reproduced with the makeTable function.

# Make Table 1 from the article.
makeTable(2, cites)

# |Journal                                                | # Articles| % Total|
# |:------------------------------------------------------|----------:|-------:|
# |Analytical Chemistry                                   |      1,537|   3.44%|
# |PLoS One                                               |        492|   1.10%|
# |Anesthesia and Analgesia                               |        430|   0.96%|
# |Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin                 |        362|   0.81%|
# |Analytical Methods: advancing methods and applications |        339|   0.76%|
# |Analytical Biochemistry                                |        317|   0.71%|
# |Applied Mechanics and Materials                        |        303|   0.68%|
# |Bioconjugate Chemistry                                 |        299|   0.67%|
# |Applied Physics Letters                                |        190|   0.43%|
# |BioEssays                                              |        183|   0.41%|

Reproducing figures from the article

The makeFigure function reproduces figures from the article. Like makeTable, it takes a figure number and a citations data frame.

makeFigure(1, cites)

Package help

See help(package='acadcites') for more help files on individual functions, or vignette('acadcites') for information similar to what's provided here.

If your R session is crashing...

Our code relies heavily on the dplyr library. While testing under the most recent version of the library (0.4.2), we've experienced repeated segfaults. (We're not alone---see .)

If your R session crashes when running our code, try downgrading to version 0.4.1.

To see what version of dplyr you're running, use:


To downgrade to version 0.4.1, use:

packageurl = ""
install.packages(packageurl, repos=NULL, type="source", dependencies = TRUE)