Scalable KanColle browser and tool.
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Scalable KanColle browser and tool.

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cnpm (CN Mainland).


  • Proxy
  • Cache
  • Analysis
  • Notification
  • Plugin Support


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First, get the latest x64 version of Node.js.

git clone && cd poi
npm i
npm run deploy
npm start

Available Plugins

plugin-prophet by Chiba

Show the result of battle.

plugin-exp-calculator by Chiba

Calculate experience value.

plugin-map-hp by Chiba

a plugin map hp for poi.

plugin-report by Magica

Report ship creating info and drop info, and so on.

plugin-expedition by Malichan

Show expedition info.

plugin-quest by Malichan

Show quest info.

plugin-item-improvement by KochiyaOcean

Show improvable items of the day.

plugin-ship-info by Yunze

Show detailed information of all owned ships.

plugin-item-info by Yunze

Show information of all owned items.

plugin-new-window by KochiyaOcean

Open a external browser window.

plugin-Akashic-records by JenningsWu

Logbook plugin for poi.

plugin-battle-detail by Dazzy Ding

Show battle detail.

plugin-hensei-nikki by Rui

Record fleet config once sortied.

plugin-almanac by Magica

KanColle almanac from

plugin-repair by Ayaphis

Calculate the time required of repair.

plugin-secretary by Dazzy Ding

Use secretary voice as notification sound.

plugin-hairstrength by Rui

Senka calculator.

Guides for developers

About plugin, read the docs.

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