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Learn how to go from DVD to iTunes and AppleTV with all the info!



A simple Objective C OSX native application to quickly split up an mp4 without re-encoding.
This is the extention of PopMSplit project.



  • Open the application. Mp4Split Application Startup.
  • Open an mp4 file to split.
  • scrub though the movie using the player, make sure and check the key commands, and also you can scrub by chapter.
  • place split marks using the + button under the split panel on the right side.
  • click the split button when you are ready to dice up the movie. Mp4Split Application Startup.
  • fill in the prefix and index offset, or just hit ok to use the defaults. Mp4Split Application Startup.
  • watch how fast the movie is split up. Mp4Split Application Startup.


  • Popmedic (R&D)
  • PenRooter (QA)
  • Pepita (QA)
  • Roy Harper (Support)

Thank you:

  • ffmpeg
  • mp4v2
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