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Minimal and free Kubernetes distribution and related free software


  1. typhoon Public

    Minimal and free Kubernetes distribution with Terraform

    HCL 1.7k 300

  2. fleetlock Public

    Reboot coordinator for Fedora CoreOS nodes using the Zincati FleetLock protocol

    Go 39 7

  3. matchbox Public

    Network boot and provision Fedora CoreOS and Flatcar Linux clusters

    Go 1.1k 280

  4. Terraform provider for Butane Config and Container Linux Config validation and transpiling to Ignition

    Go 156 29

  5. Terraform provider for Matchbox on-premise / bare-metal provisioning

    Go 110 33

  6. kubelet Public

    Upstream Kubelet packaged as a container image

    Makefile 10 12