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List of examples

Example Description Demonstrated PostSharp features
PostSharp.Samples.CustomLogging Logs method calls including parameter values. Simple features of OnMethodBoundaryAspect, LocationInterceptionAspect.
PostSharp.Samples.CustomCaching Caches the results of methods calls OnMethodBoundaryAspect: FlowBehavior, MethodExecutionTag.
PostSharp.Samples.ExceptionHandling Add parameter values to call stack in exception details. Report and then swallow exceptions in entry points. OnExceptionAspect including FlowBehavior.
PostSharp.Samples.AutoRetry Automatically retries a method call when it fails. MethodInterceptionAspect
PostSharp.Samples.WeakEvent Prevents memory leaks due to events. EventInterceptionAspect, IInstanceScopedAspect, InstanceLevelAspect, IntroduceInterface
PostSharp.Samples.ValidateResourceString Prints a build-time warning when incorrect resource string name is passed to parameter. ReferentialConstraint, ReflectionSearch, SyntaxTreeVisitor
PostSharp.Samples.SessionState Stores a field or property in the session state or page view state. LocationInterceptionAspect, IInstanceScopedAspect, ImportMember
PostSharp.Samples.Xaml Demonstrates a few ready-made aspects that are useful for XAML NotifyPropertyChanged, Recordable, Code Contracts, Background, ReaderWriterSynchronized
PostSharp.Samples.Transactions Automatically executes a method inside a transaction. OnMethodBoundaryAspect : MethodExecutionTag
PostSharp.Samples.Profiling Measure different execution times of methods, including async methods. OnMethodBoundaryAspect : async methods, MethodExecutionTag
PostSharp.Samples.Encryption Automatically encrypts and decrypts parameter and fields/properties IAspectProvider, MethodInterceptionAspect, IAdviceProvider, field imports
PostSharp.Samples.Threading.PingPong The classic educational ping-pong example. Actor
PostSharp.Samples.Threading.ThreadDispatching A simple WPF progress bar updated from a background thread. Background, Dispatched
PostSharp.Samples.MiniProfiler Measures method execution time with MiniProfiler of StackExchange. OnMethodBoundaryAspect, MulticastAttribute.
PostSharp.Samples.Persistence Persists fields or properties into the Windows registry or app.config. LocationInterceptionAspect
PostSharp.Samples.AutoDataContract Automatically adds [DataContract] and [DataMember] attributes to derived classes and all properties IAspectProvider, CustomAttributeIntroductionAspect, aspect inheritance.

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