power-assert instrumentor for TypeScript
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power-assert instrumentor for TypeScript

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$ npm install -D espower-typescript

TypeScript versions

  • espower-typescript v8.x uses TypeScript v2.2
  • espower-typescript v7.x uses TypeScript v2.1
  • espower-typescript v6.x uses TypeScript v2.0
  • espower-typescript v5.x uses TypeScript v1.8
  • espower-typescript v4.x uses TypeScript v1.7
  • espower-typescript v2.x and v3.x uses TypeScript v1.6
  • espower-typescript v1.x uses TypeScript v1.5


Zero-config mode

$ mocha --compilers ts:espower-typescript/guess test/**/*.ts

If your tests are not in test dir

You can set test directory in your package.json

    "name": "your-module",
    "description": "Your module",
    "version": "0.0.1",
    "directories": {
        "test": "spec/"

Then, run mocha with --compilers ts:espower-typescript/guess

$ mocha --compilers ts:espower-typescript/guess spec/**/*.ts

Note: 'espower-typescript/guess' is inspired by intelli-espower-loader

tsconfig.json and CompilerOptions

If tsconfig.json is in your prject root, 'espower-typescript/guess' loads it automatically.

Note: only compilerOptions field in tsconfig.json is applied.


.tsx files are supported.