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EVE Online Theme for WordPress

A beautifull WordPress theme inspired by the MMORPG EVE Online.


  • Can be used as corporation or alliance theme
  • Fully responsive (adapts itself to mobile device displays)
  • Clean look and feel


Recommended Plugins:

Build-In Plugin Support for:


To install the theme use git to clone it to your wordpress installation

git clone eve-online

or download the archive or one of the releases, unzip the file and rename the folder to eve-online.

Websites using this Theme (in alphabetical order):

Your corporation/alliance is also using this theme and you guys like it? Let me know :-)

Additional Information

Todo List:

  • Clean up the CSS files
  • Make background image configurable
  • Make theme plugins configurable
  • Make content background colour configurable
  • Rework the theme settings completely
  • Generate color theme for Amarr
  • Generate color theme for Gallente
  • Generate color theme for Caldari
  • Generate color theme for Minmatar

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