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Mayavi workshop material

This repository contains material for a two-day course on Mayavi. The course was taught first at the NGCM (Next Generational Computational Modeling) Summer Academy in 2016. The course was again conducted in 2017. The material was in the form of slides made using LaTeX and some Jupyter notebooks.

In 2018 the material is being revamped and converted to Jupyter notebooks. The older material is converted into notebooks in the form of ipyaml documents which can be easily converted into Jupyter notebooks.

The source, PDF, and Jupyter notebooks are in the slides directory.

Installation of Mayavi

To be able to teach or learn this material you must have Mayavi installed.

See the installation document for installation instructions for different packaging environments.

Up-to-date information on Mayavi installation is also available on the Mayavi github page or with the Mayavi installation documentation.