Code examples from Ruby Best Practices
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== "Ruby Best Practices" Code Samples ==

This repository is for the code samples from the O'Reilly book "Ruby Best
Practices" by Gregory Brown, available at:

All of the examples here are free software, but some license terms and proper
attributions might be missing from code segments until the time of publication
of the book.  This means if you wish to re-use any code seen here, please
contact me at and I'll let you know who wrote it and
what the terms are.  I will be sure to update these things before the book hits
the shelf.

Although the code samples might be an interesting teaser, they might not be
useful out of context, as some of the examples seen here are actually
anti-patterns to best practices.

Eventually, all of the non-trivial code samples that appear in the book will be in
this repository. For now, it will be incomplete and in constant flux.

Enjoy, and please contact me with any questions.