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Annotated and cleaned up text book examples for Dr. Sharma's Numerical Analysis course at UNH
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This project is mostly for a class I'm currently taking.   I am cleaning up and
annotating the examples from "Numerical Methods Using MATLAB 4e" to help my
professor and the other students in the class.  I claim no credit for the actual
source code here, except where otherwise noted.  The originals can be found at:

My primary goal is to get these files working on GNU Octave, as well as to fix any
issues with using more recent versions of Matlab than what these examples were
originally written for. I also plan to improve the documentation and make the
code clearer where possible.

When the course is completed, I will try to contribute my work back to the book
authors.  Because I'm not sure what the exact license terms are, please be sure
to contact the authors if you plan to use the code samples here for anything
more than personal use.

If there are questions:  gregory.t.brown at
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