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Use CI to auto upload prebuilds
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Use CI like Travis and AppVeyor to auto upload prebuilds. Requires you to use prebuild@6 or later.

npm Node version Travis JavaScript Style Guide


It's great to provide prebuilds with your native node modules, so consumers don't have to compile them on install - a pre made binary will simply be fetched. It can however be cumbersome to create those binaries yourself, you need to run the appropriate scripts on every OS you desire to ship. This module provides an alternative by creating and uploading those binaries in the CI environments you use, so for example using travis and appveyor you can cover all node versions on mac OS, linux and windows, automatically!


Add prebuild-ci to your "test" script or CI configuration, like this:

  "scripts": {
    "test": "mocha && prebuild-ci"  

Also configure your CI environments to set the environment variable PREBUILD_TOKEN to your prebuild upload token, and make sure this variable is only set on pull requests from the same repository.

Then, whenever a CI job passes and updates "version" in the module's package.json, the prebuild for the current environment will be uploaded to GitHub.

That means that in order to have prebuilds for all desired os / node combinations, make sure to run each of those in a CI job.

Pro Tip: In order for prebuilds to be available as soon as a new version is published to npm, wait with the actual npm publish until all the CI jobs have completed.


$ npm install --save prebuild-ci



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