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PreEmptive Protection DashO Samples

This repository contains samples that demonstrate using PreEmptive Protection™ DashO™. The samples use either Ant or Gradle. All samples will need to know the location where DashO is installed (i.e. DASHO_HOME). Each sample has its own README with any setup and/or configuration instructions.

Note: Please download the appropriate release.

The samples are categorized by type:

  • Android™ - Samples demonstrating DashO with Android projects.
    • A separate DashO-GameOfLife sample showing a more-complex Android app that includes a library is also available.
  • Java™ - Samples demonstrating DashO with basic Java applications.
  • Shelf Life - Samples demonstrating DashO's Shelf Life with basic Java applications.

About DashO

PreEmptive Protection DashO is an obfuscation and application protection solution from PreEmptive. DashO's obfuscation, hardening, and runtime check features make your application much harder to reverse engineer, pirate, or steal data from. World-class technical support for DashO is available through our website and/or our support request form.

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