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Processing for Pi website builder

This repository contains theme and content for Processing for Pi website. The website is built with Hugo static site generator that makes use of templates, content types and themes in order to make publishing easier.

Content of the website

The content of the website resides in folder content in the form of Markdown files. When the site is re-built with Hugo, the markdown gets converted into HTML pages.

How to build this site on your machine

In order to be able to re-build the site using code in this repository, you'd need two things installed:

  • Hugo
  • Gulp

Please follow this guide to install Hugo:

Please follow this guide to install Gulp globally:

Development Process

After Hugo and Gulp are installed, you should be able to build the website by issuing this command:

hugo server -D

Hugo should launch a server on your localhost's port 1313 and you should be able to navigate to the website in the browser at the following URL: http://localhost:1313/

Adding new content

To add new content, you can just drop a new Markdown file into content directory depending on what kind of page you want to add.

  • For top level pages that should appear in the side menu, put the file in the root of content folder
  • For adding tutorials, put the file in tutorial folder

Currently the tutorials are not going to appear in any menus until they are complete.

After the content is added, you can add it to the menu by modifying config.toml file in the root of the code repository. Please look at the existing menu items there.

Changing stylesheets or Javascript

The SCSS files and JS for the website live in themes/processing/src folder.

Please install all required packages before trying to modify JS or SCSS files:

cd themes/processing/src
npm install

If you change any JS or SCSS files, you'd need to rebuild the files by using Gulp:


When the JS or SASS files are changed, please rebuild the site with Hugo by running hugo server or hugo commands

To modify CSS and JS and see the results in real time (using LiveReload), you'd need to launch two terminals, start Hugo server and then activate the CSS / JS file watching process by issue the following commands:

Terminal 1:

hugo server -D

Terminal 2:

cd themes/processing/src
gulp dev

At this point, the changes in SASS or JS files in themes/processing/src folder should be reflected on the local Hugo server at localhost:1313 almost immediately

Publishing the site

When you are done adding new content and are ready to re-generate the HTML of the site, issue this command:

cd themes/processing/src
cd ../../..

It should update all files within docs folder that could be then uploaded to the static site hosting service.


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