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Processing Sound library

The new Sound library for Processing 3 provides a simple way to work with audio. It can play, analyze, and synthesize sound. The library comes with a collection of oscillators for basic wave forms, a variety of noise generators, and effects and filters to alter sound files and other generated sounds. The syntax is minimal to make it easy for beginners who want a straightforward way to add some sound to their Processing sketches!

How to use

The easiest way to install the Sound library is through Processing's Contribution Manager. The library comes with many example sketches, the full online reference can be found here. Please report bugs

How to build

  1. git clone
  2. into the library/ folder copy (or soft-link) your Processsing's core.jar (and, optionally, also your Android SDK's android.jar, API level 26 or higher). Other dependencies (in particular Phil Burk's JSyn engine on which this library is based) are downloaded automatically.
  3. ant dist (or, alternatively, run build.xml from within Eclipse)

The resulting can be extracted into your Processing installation's libraries/ folder.


LGPL v2.1