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Feature Requests

Thank you for your interest in submitting a feature request to ProcessWire. We manage these feature requests in this separate repository so that they don't get mixed up with issue reports. It also enables us to maintain a collaborative team to help manage them.

  • Please note that we generally avoid adding features that aren't going to be used by at least 30% of the ProcessWire audience. Often new features can be better accommodated with modules.
  • If we close your feature request, this does not mean it won't ever be implemented. It just means that we aren't ready to implement it just yet. Closed feature requests aren't ever deleted, so consider closed feature requests to just be on the back burner.
  • Sometimes we will leave a feature request open for awhile to see how much interest it gains from others before we decide whether it should be implemented.
  • Comments consisting solely of the string "+1" will be removed to keep the thread of the feature request tidy. Please use GitHub’s built-in comment emojis to express a reaction/feeling.
  • See also the Wishlist & Roadmap board.


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