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Dotnet client for Tarantool NoSql database.

Key features

  • Full IProto protocol coverage.
  • Async API.
  • Multiplexing.


Simpliest way to start using Tarantool-csharp in your project is to install it from Nuget.


We have a small demo. It illustrates usage of library in aspnet core with docker-compose. Docker 1.12 is preferred.


You can find basic usage scenarios in index and space smoke tests.

Build statuses for master branch

Windows build status:

Windows build status

Linux and OSX build status:

Linux/OSX build Status


We were trying to make API similar with tarantool API. But that connector is just implementing of IProto protocol. Methods, which can be implemented as 1 IProto request is implemented. But some other methods (for example Upsert methods) should make several requests. Another methods (for example DLL methods) can't be implemented in any other way except using CALL or EVAL requests. That is why some methods exists in API, but not implemented:

  • Index methods:
    1. Pairs
    2. Count
    3. Alter
    4. Drop
    5. Rename
    6. BSize
    7. Alter
  • Schema methods
    1. CreateSpace
  • Space methods
    1. CreateIndex
    2. Drop
    3. Rename
    4. Count
    5. Lengh
    6. Increment
    7. Decrement
    8. AutoIncrement
    9. Pairs

Also, type SCALAR are not supported - if you create index with field_type = 'scalar', add for example tuples with integer and string on that field, then you will not be able to make Select from that index.