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Programmer Blog:

Source code for article on Nodejs uplaod file using mongodb with multer package.

You can read detailed tutorial on our blog:

Install MongoDB

First you need to install MongoDB on your system, Please visit MonogoDB site and download it.

Create a MongoDB database After MongoDB installation. Create a data/db directory - In windows c:/data/db

On command prompt, open MongoDB -> bin folder and run

  > mongod

Open another command prompt and open bin folder and type

  > mongo

Mongo shell is running, type

  > use dbphotogallery

Current databse will be changed to to dbphotogallery.

Install NodeJS

 Please visit NodeJS site and download installer, Install on your system, It also install NPM or Node Package Manager

 Generate NodeJs, Express application using Express command line tool to generate an application skeleton.

 express --view=pug nodejs-file-upload

Install required dependencies

       cd  nodejs-file-upload && npm install
       npm install -g nodemon --save
       npm install --save multer
       npm i --save mongoose

Add a folder to upload files

     Open the public folder and add a new folder called files in it. This folder is used to save user uploaded files.

Create a Model using mongoose

     A Photo Schema is created in a Models folder using Mongoose

Create a Form in pug template engine

     Create a form and photo gallery using materialize framework

Fecth records from MongoDB and display in photo gallery

Upload file to server and add file path and caption to MongoDB collection

Reade More at :